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Imagine hundreds of friends and multiple communities, from many different cities, gathered for the same purpose:
To deepen our friendships with one another and with God.
After three days at a weekend together in the middle of nowhere, we believe our world could be impacted at least a little.


Friday, September 3

Safety is important to us. Take your time driving to Washington Family Ranch in Central Oregon. Dinner begins at 6pm and afterwards we will gather for the first time. If you cannot arrive by 6pm – no worries! We will be there to greet you when you arrive.

Saturday, September 4

We believe in a well-rounded experience: tasty food, gathering together to learn, room for self-reflection, opportunities to spend time with old friends and make new ones, fun & rest . . . all surrounded by multi generational friendships!

Sunday, September 5

Same groove. Different day. Get ready to enjoy yourself.

Monday, September 6

Breakfast will be provided, and we will wrap up our time together! Goodbyes are hard, but we trust that you'll continue both your old and new friendships from afar.

Frequently asked questions

Who is this for?

The Weekend is a diverse gathering of people who celebrate multigenerational friendship. Last year the youngest was a baby and the oldest was 89. This is truly a multigenerational gathering – so it’s for everyone. This time together is centered on the life and teachings of Jesus, but there is not a specific church affiliation and all faith backgrounds are welcome as we hope to portray Jesus in a way that is attractive to all.

Will there be speakers?

Is there such a thing as a conference without speakers? Probably. Is that what you should expect for The Weekend? No! We have amazing speakers lined (or lining) up, and you’re not going to want to miss their insight on things like changing the world, loving yourself, and loving others. (You get the picture!) This gathering is about much, much more than great speakers. It is about multiple generations and communities coming together to be inspired and unleashed to the adventure of following Jesus. That being said, stay tuned . . . we’ll update the speakers and teaching content along the way. ;)

What if I want to bring my entire family?

Bring 'em all. We are a group of friends who thrive on multigenerational friendships. They are so important, and we want whatever your family has to offer. Each person brings something different and perfect to this gathering, and there is going to be someone here blessed by your presence at camp. We love family so much that we have a children's lesson (Kids’ Club) during the main sessions, and the teens have a specially designed program, too!

What if I want to invite my community from home?

We consider it a privilege for groups of friends to attend The Weekend together. Come one, come all! This gathering is not formally publicized; it’s truly about friends inviting friends who invite their friends . . . so please, invite your friends!

Sooooo, what's the food situation?

The Washington Family Ranch staff is absolutely AMAZING, and they bless us with every meal we eat – from dinner the night you arrive all the way to breakfast on Monday before you hit the road for home. Allergies are a real barrier people have, and if you let us know in advance, the camp will make sure to do their very best to make food you can eat!
Vegetarian? Vegan? Gluten free? Dairy free? Even pineapple free? We’ve probably got you covered, just let us know!

What's included in the cost?

We’re in the business of taking care of our people. Your attendance fee covers everything once you arrive at camp except extra snacks or drinks you choose to buy from the Sarsaparilla (that’s the camp’s snack shop) during free time or items you may want to buy from the gift shop (t-shirts, etc.). Everything else is covered: Meals, main sessions, optional breakout sessions, Kids’ Club, and all of the numerous free time activities are covered in the price.

Can I get a refund?

All but 5% of your fee is refundable until August 19, 2019. After August 19th, all fees are non-refundable. To cancel and request a refund, please contact Marshall at
Please note: If a massive family emergency arises the causes you to have to cancel at the last-minute (e.g. after August 19th), we will do our best to refund as much of your fee as possible. We just cannot guarantee it do to financial commitments we have to make on our end based on registration numbers.

What's the lodging situation?

The property is a Young Life camp, so most of the accommodations are bunkrooms that sleep anywhere from 4 to 14 people. We room people together by either gender or family. Many (especially families) want a private room, and we do try to accommodate this request but often cannot guarantee it unless you choose a specialty housing option (see both below and the registration options towards the top of this page). For the larger rooms sleeping more than 4 people, there are 2-3 bathrooms (so if 2 or 3 families room together, you at least have some privacy in this area). When you register, there is a place to indicate who you want to room with – and 99% of the time we can accommodate this request. If we cannot, we will contact you to discuss options. Interested in specialty housing, where you can guarantee a private room? Check out the specialty registration page for private lodging options. (Sadly, they are more expensive than the standard bunk room.)
If you have questions about accommodations, reach out to Marshall at or Alexis at

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately, no. Washington Family Ranch has a strict no pet policy.

I have a very strict diet and many need to bring my own food. Is there a refrigerator I can access?

Yes! To make arrangements, contact Marshall at

I have not been before and would like to talk to someone about The Weekend. Who should I contact?

First and foremost, we encourage you to talk to the person who invited you. We would also love to connect with you! Email Marshall at or Alexis at

Is there childcare?

Yes! We offer Kids' Club for children ages 3 through 5th grade. Kids' Club takes place for 2-3 hours in the mornings and evenings so that parents and/or caregivers can relax and enjoy the main sharing sessions and small groups. Children under the age of 3 remain in the care of their parents/caregivers. Our all-volunteer team can only provide care on a 1:5 ratio, so if we do not have enough volunteers your child(ren) may be placed on a Kids' Club waitlist. We have always been able to accommodate all children and believe this will be possible again! Registering before August 1st will help us to accommodate all children (ages 3 and up).
Please note that all children participating in Kids' Club must be fully potty trained.

What will my middle school or high school student do?

Students participate in everything the adults do. They are placed into similar age small groups and have a college age or older facilitator who will lead the group through important discussions relevant to their age. They will have an opportunity to interact with the speakers and other adults who will engage with them in conversations rooted in what it means to follow Jesus in daily life. In addition, special top-secret activities are planned. They are guaranteed to be FUN!

What activities are at the Washington Family Ranch?

Many! During free time you can relax poolside, go for a swim or jump off the high dive, zipline, go-kart, paddleboard on a lake, hike, play basketball in the largest building in the State of Oregon, grab a coffee or ice cream, and more!


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